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cPanel price increases & what it means for our customers

Price Increases —————————————————————————————————————————– tl;dr version Starting this month, any new shared or business shared accounts will cost $1/month more than previously.  Existing clients will have their rates honored until January 1st, 2020, at which point on the next renewal date, they will be increased to the new rate. Cloud customers will get moved to the…

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Shared VS Cloud

Shared vs Cloud hosting

Shared hosting refers to a plan that hosts multiple websites together, sharing resources on one server, and has been around since the beginning of web hosting history, unlike Cloud hosting which, thanks to its newer technology, enables a site to be hosted on a cluster of servers, which allows it to be moved to another…

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A guide to hosting your real estate website

A guide to hosting your real estate website

A guide to hosting your real estate website Whoever first said ‘you should never judge a book by its cover’ was clearly not thinking about the not-too-distant future of the internet. For the importance of an online home to businesses nowadays is vital – especially to the real estate sector. Yet if having the best…

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What should a start up look for in a hosting provider

What should a start-up look for in a hosting provider?

Benjamin Franklin was definitely on to something when he uttered the now infamous phrase, “time is money”. And in today’s ever-increasingly competitive world, there really isn’t a second to waste when it comes to ensuring your start-up stands out online. When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, therefore, you really want to find one…

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What to consider when choosing your web host service

What to Consider When Choosing Your Web Host Service

What to Contemplate Finding a web hosting provider that you can trust is not that difficult to do when you know what to look for. For bloggers, developers, and most business owners, an effective web host is an essential part of their lifelong investment. Satisfaction and success can only come from partnering with a reliable…

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Web Hosting Provider

What Are You Looking For in a Web Hosting Provider?

There are a number of factors to be considered when looking for a service provider aside from the price of service and availability of the services they provide. Safety and privacy are also keys to set standards with, along with their ability of troubleshooting. Good web host providers rise into meeting above standard services with…

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Switching to PHP7 for Default PHP on Shared Servers

We have supported PHP7 from the start (even compiling it ourselves before it was supported in cPanel);  but for compatibility reasons, we have left PHP 5.6 as the default for our customers on shared servers. But, as PHP5.6 ages, we want to encourage our customers to update their code to run on more up-to-date versions…

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A man cutting a cake

How Business owners and Entrepreneurs can work smarter, not harder

Imagine if we had infinite time, wouldn’t the world seem like a better place? Unfortunately, time is finite meaning for every minute that passes, there won’t be a second chance. With so many things happening in our busy lives, it is getting harder to achieve a work-life balance. As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, it…

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A cat riding an Unicorn, in front of a rainbow,carrying a rocket launcher and and an explosion in the background. Oh, and the Unicorn breaths fire.

July 12th – Battle for the Net

You may have noticed a screen like the one imaged above popup if you visited the site on July 12th, 2017.   This is because The Internet is in danger, again (and again, and yet again).  In 2015, laws were put in place to protect Internet users (personal and business) from the ISPs, classifying the IPs as common…

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