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Affiliate Program

Recommend better hosting and get rewarded

Reoccurring Revenue

You continue to get a commission on referrals for the life of their account with us.  As your referrals grow, so does your income. 

Affiliate Tracking

Review your clicks and sign ups from within our affiliate tracking platform.

Quality Service

We know that when you recommend a service, you need to feel confident in the service your clients will get.  We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide to our customers.  

Get Payouts Faster

Payouts to your account start after 3 months from a referral's signup, and once you reach a minimum of $20.  To start you out we give you a bonus of $5 just to sign up as an affiliate.

For every 25 active referrals, you will get a one-time bonus of $100 added to your account, as a thank you for your support.

Number of Months
Before Payout
Payout Amount

Being an affiliate is easy and profitable

Payout Information

Our affiliate program provides a recurring 10% of the billed amount of the referred account.

Your account will get credited 3 months after the referral has signed up/renewed. A refunded or canceled account will not be credited to your account.

 For every 25 active referrals, you will get a one-time bonus of $100.

Affiliate Links

Your affiliate account is tracked by a link generated by inside the billing manager.  The link will by default automatically redirect the visitor to our home page.

An example of the URL is as follows:

If you would like the link to go to a certain page (like shared or business hosting) you can specify a page tag.

An example: 

The pages you can select are:

  • business
  • shared
  • pub_cloud
  • pri_cloud
  • blog
  • about

If you would like a short URL created for you ( please contact support and we will create one for you.


Affiliate Link Images

If you want to use an image for your affiliate link you can use one of the ones provided below.

To use the image, download the one you would like to use, and upload it to your website.

Then, on your site where you would like to use the image, use the following html (updating for your ID and file location):

<a href=""><img src="https://yoursite.tld/path/to/image.png"></a>.