About Us

We're a little bit different.

An Honest Host H Logo

Our Story

We started as a group of like-minded individuals who saw the state  of the hosting industry decided we wanted to bring change.

AnHonesthost was born from a simple idea. "To provide good, honest web hosting."

We were tired of the games and misdirection other hosting providers played with their customers.

With that in mind, we swore we would always be upfront and honest with our customers and would never intentionally deceive or mislead them. We promised we would never offer something like 'unlimited' resources; because 'unlimited' isn't possible.

Honesty became more than just our ideal, it became the core of our identity and name.  That is why we constantly strive to improve and change.  We want to be sure to provide better hosting, honestly.

AnHonestHost was started in April 2014, providing basic web and dedicated server hosting.  As we grew, we learned new ways to provide better service. This lead to moving all dedicated servers to our Cloud, and introducing outbound spam filtering to protect our client's email reputation.

In August 2016, we launched our new site, introducing new Business Shared Hosting plans and moving to all SSD based servers.  We look forward to what the future holds and hope that you will be with us on the journey.

--AnHonestHost Team

How We Are Different

We are a company dedicated to being honest to our customers.

We admit when we screw up, and we provide a report of what happened with  plans to help correct and prevent problems from happening in the future.

We get excited about new technologies that we get to play with.

Our customers have benefitted from our  from our desire to tinker,  explore and build.  We had an implementation of Apache 2.4, PHP7, PHP-FPM and Node.js well before they were supported in cPanel.

We continue to test and implement new technology regularly.

We understand what it is like to be a small business.

We started as a crew of 3 people, trying to make a difference in the hosting industry.  

At the start, we weren't sure if this was going to be a model that would work or resonate with people.  Thankfully over the years our customers have shown it was a good decision and we continue to grow.

We understand that small businesses have a ton of things they have to juggle and keep track of, so we try to make sure our customers have the plans and tools they need to succeed, with minimal fuss.

At the end of the day, we are people, just like you.

We aren't another mega-giant hosting company.  We care for our clients and we try to provide the tier of support we would want for our clients.