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Exciting Hosting Package Updates

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Changes to plans have been made live!

As promised in our last post, we are following up with the changes that have been made to our hosting packages.

To start, all of our systems are now provisioned in AWS, which we discuss our reasons behind the move in this blog post.

With this move, each system by default is able to burst its network connection to 5 Gbps when the performance is needed, and has high performance SSD storage attached with a baseline disk performance of 3,000 IOPS and 125 MB/s, with the option to increase to performance all the way to a blistering 16,000 IOPS and 1,000 MB/s (per volume).

This change alone reflects an up to 5x network and 3x storage performance increase over our previous infrastructure.

In addition to performance improvements, all of our infrastructure is now protected by AWS Shield Standard for DDOS and Network Protection.

Moving into plan specific changes, we will start with our Shared Hosting Packages.

All shared hosting plans now are protected by Imunify360 to protect against malicious code injections and threat actors. We have also included a new backup location in Installatron for all shared plans that can store up to 5 backups in an S3 bucket hosted with us for sites configured in Installatron.

Silver Hosting Package is the only package that does not see a resource change with this move, but it still gets the advantage of the infrastructure upgrades.

Our Gold and Platinum Packages get sizable increases in bandwidth moving up to 60GB and 100GB of bandwidth monthly respectively.

Next up, our Business Shared Hosting Packages, which see increases bandwidth and some cool new features.

Starting with the bandwidth changes, our Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Hosting Packages get an increase to 30GB, 60GB and 200GB of bandwidth monthly.

In addition to the bandwidth changes, the Business Shared Hosting Packages also get to take advantage of Imunify360 for security, the S3 backup location provided in Installatron for website backups, self-service full account backup and restore through JetBackup, Team Access Control for cPanel, and enhanced inbound spam protection.

Following our shared hosting platforms, we have added a new standalone email service for customers, joining our two other email packages.

The new package includes 5GB of storage per email address, and supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols.

And lastly, we have our Public Cloud Hosting Packages.

All the infrastructure enhancements for our customers apply to our Public Cloud as well, with significant changes to our plans.

Each Public Cloud customer now is provisioned in a separate AWS account with their own virtual private network, ensuring total isolation from other customers.  This ensures we can monitor the resource usage and needs for each customer without any possibility of having the data skewed by another customer. This also allows us to deploy a customer's Public Cloud Server (or servers) to different regions all over the world.

We have updated the names of the packages to better align with underlying services, and adjusted the resources to reflect these changes.

  • Linux 2 Core has become Medium
  • Linux 4 Core has become Large
  • Linux 6 Core has become XLarge

Since AWS does not bill for inbound traffic from the internet, neither do we. The previous connectivity cap on the plans has been replaced with included monthly outbound internet traffic budget.

We have also adjusted which cPanel license is included with the packages to reflect the changes in cPanel's pricing, and streamlined the process to select which additional services you want to have included with your server.

We all of our default packages still include:

  • Installatron (One Click Popular CMS Installer)
  • 24/7 monitoring of the server and services
  • 3 days of full backups of the servers

If our predefined plans do not meet your resource requirements, we now have a "Custom Configuration" option to allow us to create the solution that works for you.

We also have introduced discounts for customers that sign up for 1 year on these plans to reflect the price breaks we get from our providers.

I know this update covers a lot, and can feel overwhelming for customers just trying to figure out what they need, and that is where we can help.

Feel free to get in contact with us by ticket/email or phone and we will be happy to help you.