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Written in the stars: What does your zodiac sign say about your entrepreneurialism?

Warning: This article may give you a whole new sense of purpose. It may, also, make you roll your eyes. Either way, enjoy this light-hearted piece to inject a bit of fun into your day!

No, we’re not talking a follow up to the Tinie Tempah hit (although that could be interesting); According to recent studies, your professional fate may have been mapped out from the moment you were born. And while we are people of (computer) science and, therefore, not going to easily buy into hocus pocus, there may be some elements of our professional personas that are, indeed, influenced by our star sign.


Born entrepreneurs, the brave, adaptable and challenge-hungry Aries are believed to be spontaneous risk-takers who are always willing to fight for success – a necessary skill for a tycoon. “They have stamina unlike any other sign”, astrologer Dr. Athena Perrakis is quoted as saying in Reader’s Digest, “and when they have a goal in front of them they go after it 200 percent.” Aries relies heavily on instinct and are rarely wrong. For an example of this, you need look no further than financier J.P. Morgan – born 17 April.


Ruled by Venus, Taurus-born personalities are decisive, determined, diligent and dependable. They believe in winning the race by being slow and steady and are willing to work long hard and flexible hours. “Taurus is the money manager of the zodiac”, Dr. Perrakis is quoted as saying. “They are shrewd, intuitive and conservative; never one to waste people’s time or money.” With Mark Zuckerberg, founder of renowned procrastination tool, Facebook, as one such example, however, we may beg to differ!


Detail-focused, Gemini-born entrepreneurs will study every single angle of every single element that make up a business. According to Dr. Perrakis, “Gemini is the sign of the intellect” and loves a good debate. Fantastic communicators with the tendency to get themselves out of any tight spot (ahem, Donald Trump just one example), they are go-getting, idea-grabbing people who love to plan.


Ruled by the Moon, the imaginative problem-solving Cancerians are very selective when it comes to choosing partners, investors, and employees. Caring, emotional and loving with a propensity to avoid conflict at any cost, they can easily speak to the souls of others, which is a fantastic trait to have in the business world as it instills trust. Too many famous examples to choose from, so take your pick from Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and Princess Diana.


Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s entrepreneurs are independent, fearless and risk-taking presences who will easily command whatever situation they are in. Natural business leaders with noticeable charisma, they are savvy multitaskers who are not afraid to delegate. “Their charisma, intelligence, stamina, positive energy and strength make them admirable leaders”, Dr. Perrakis says. Unsurprisingly, they love to be at the top of the pecking order, with Barack Obama as one such example.


Thanks to their obsessive need to be productive, the workaholic Virgos know how to stay focused at all times. Ambitious and hardworking, they are both model employees and fantastic managers – if not sometimes too hard on themselves. Billionaire business magnate, Warren Buffet, is one example.


The smooth operators of business, the gracious, refined, patient, cooperative and liberal Librans are happier working together than going solo and will never be caught fighting dirty. They base their decisions on what is fair and act accordingly – a much-needed breath of fresh air in the workplace.


With a keen eye for quality, Scorpions are shrewd, powerful and determined, with an ability to concentrate at any cost. Despite this, however, they also have an emotional nature which enables them to establish trusted and lasting connections with other people. With elements of both very much at play, a Scorpio’s success in business will, therefore, greatly depend on the types of people they surround themselves with.


Intelligent, curious and optimistic, Sagittarius entrepreneurs are both focused on the work at hand and constantly looking to explore new opportunities – when stubbornness does not get in the way! They do not like to be inhibited by any rules but are able to work as part of a team. As Sagittarius Mark Twain famously said, “Life is short, break the rules”. And it didn’t do him any harm, did it?


Ruled by the serious Saturn, Capricorns are hardworking and highly ambitious entrepreneurs who – despite always aiming for the most prestigious positions – also love to work as part of a team. They can, however, sometimes fall into the trap of feeling that no amount of success is ever enough. “Capricorn wants only one thing in life: to achieve”, says Dr. Perrakis, and this is perhaps no better illustrated than the very first director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover.


Ruled by Uranus and fiercely independent, Aquarians are too focused on their business plans to ever look back. Well-spoken, rational, adaptable and deep thinking, they excel in every type of business dealing that comes their way – the true jack-of-all-trades. The more autonomy they have, the happier they are.


Adaptable, intuitive and full of imagination, a Piscean entrepreneur doesn’t believe in wasting time. Thanks to its status as the ‘child’ archetype of the Zodiac, it is both sensitive and creative – famous children’s author Dr. Seuss a perfect example. “And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed!”

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