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“Why Not?” Why we don’t offer ‘Unlimited Plans’


"XYZ host offers Unlimited Plans, why don't you?"

That is actually a common statement our sales team hears, and it shows the fruits of years of marketing.

To get into why we don't offer unlimited plans, some history needs to be shared.  When the internet was just starting out, very few 'normal' people had their own sites, but with the proliferation of users online, more content was being generated, and people needed someplace to host it.

Several companies started offering 'free' hosting. Ads were put on the page to support the cost of hosting. Some of the most notable ones were Angelfire, Geocities and Lycos. ISPs later got into the game and started offering web space included with the cost of subscription.

Some of you, I am sure, remember those days.  An average website had 1 to 3 pages, a few gifs scattered through out the page, and counter to show how many people had found your home on the net.

A boy sitting in front of a computer giving thumbs up

Jump ahead a few years, the "free" hosting sites just aren't as profitable as they once were.  The companies start to introduce "Ad Free" hosting for a monthly fee.  You still had limits, but you no longer had ads all over your site. (This was a time before google ads, and you couldn't control where the ads showed up on the page.)

But, to gloss over some major bits, hosting providers needed ways to set themselves apart from the heard.  The best way they found to do this was give more resources for less money.  But, just like a kindergartner trying to "one up" their friend with "infinite +1", someone's marketing department coined "unlimited" and started a trend in hosting that has lasted for a very long time.

And to be honest, the "unlimited plans" might have worked had websites not started to become as media rich and intensive as they had.

So limits started being put in place, but instead of listing the limits on the website clearly, 'Unlimited' became 'Unlimited *Some Restrictions Apply'.

Having worked with and in the hosting industry for years, we felt the pain of customers who had felt cheated by the limits on unlimited plans.  We didn't think it was fair, so we promised to always be honest with our customers.  This means our plans feature resources you can use, tools to help manage/update your site and a high performance web server.

Yes, our plans are priced higher than some of our competition, but we include more features, standard.

If you have questions please feel free to contact