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How Business owners and Entrepreneurs can work smarter, not harder

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Imagine if we had infinite time, wouldn't the world seem like a better place? Unfortunately, time is finite meaning for every minute that passes, there won't be a second chance.

With so many things happening in our busy lives, it is getting harder to achieve a work-life balance. As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, it is ideal that you work smarter, not harder; so how can they manage their limited time effectively?

Here are 6 tips that will help you work smarter instead of harder:

1. Get your most important tasks done before 9:00am

By getting through your most important tasks early in the morning, you will start your day off productively which should carry out throughout the day. You will see your personal productivity significantly increase if you wake up early and do your important tasks rather than leaving them to later in the day when you are feeling groggy.

2. Make a to do list

Write down what you want to accomplish during the day and tick them off as you go. You will be more motivated in completing tasks as you check them off. Also, it helps you effectively use your time, hence boosting your personal productivity.

3. Time yourself

Assign a time limit to each task as it makes it more productive. This way, you are more aware of how much time you are putting into the task, allowing you to reassess and refine your schedule.

4. Delegation

Delegation is the act of giving responsibility or authority to another person to carry out specific activities. For business owners and entrepreneurs, delegating your tasks to trusted partners can increase productivity, especially if you have a lot of routine tasks or are feeling stressed. Instead of working harder, delegate these tasks to others who are more specialized. Now that is working smarter.

5. Consider time theming

Time theming can be used to avoid decision fatigue and ensure work-life balance. For example, Mondays can be themed "Movie Mondays" and Sundays can be themed "Family Fundays". Using themes can give people more freedom and flexibility, helping them prioritise their work tasks yet getting the chance to fulfill themselves in their social and family life.

6. Invest in improvements now to improve the future

Identify your weaknesses and do things that will correct them. For example, if you are lacking marketing skills, why not take an online marketing course to help improve your skills gap? This is how you use your time to improve yourself which in the long term will mean that you are working smarter, not harder.